Rands has me pegged:

You’re swimming in everyone else’s moments, likes, and tweets and during these moments of consumption you are coming to believe that their brief interestingness to others makes it somehow relevant to you and worth your time… Each one you experience, each one you consume, is a moment of your life that you’ve spent forever… These are other people’s moments.

I’ve spent time reflecting on how I spend my time and if that reflects what I want my life to be. Too often, it doesn’t.

It is too easy to slip into my Twitter stream and feel like I accomplished something, or let an hour pass in Pocket on inconsequential moments.

I’ve been thinking about the Spanish word hacer lately. It’s an interesting word in that it has two distinct English translations. It means ‘to do’ and ‘to make’. So if I ask you ‘¿que estas haciendo?’ I am asking what you’re doing/making. I’ve been thinking about my life’s ratio of doing vs. making, or The Hacer Ratio.

How often am I doing something but not making something? And am I OK with that relationship?

Some things that I do:

  • Read through RSS feeds
  • Show up to school to teach
  • Watch TV with my wife
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Observe while my daughter plays

Things I’m not making when doing the above:

  • Writing here, in my journal, or anywhere else
  • A difference to individual students, or my classes as a whole
  • A healthier, stronger marriage
  • Connections or new ideas that only come with a relaxed, undistracted brain
  • A strong, lasting relationship that enriches my life and pays dividends when my daughter is older

I find myself going through the motions, letting life happen to me instead of making mindful decisions. Too often I sit idly by doing things without consequence, instead of taking action to make.

I’m making changes around here. Eliminating distractions that enable doing and focusing on making. I am going for new addictive highs that come from building instead of observing. I am tipping the Hacer Ratio from do to make.

Hoy, que estas haciendo?
What are you making today?