No talk, all action. Launch a startup in 54 hours.

That’s the mission of Startup Weekend, a global event focused on building communities of entrepreneurs.

My Startup Weekend Experience

I went to my first Startup Weekend in November hosted at the beautiful Weber State Startup Ogden extension. I worked with an awesome team, including Joshua Howland, Adam Harris, Corey Woodcox, and many of the great people at HQ. We worked on Statiq, helping people build beautiful, ridiculously fast websites using static blogging engines.

In one weekend we were able to build our first two themes, a beta web interface for managing your site, an iOS app for the same purpose, and a syncing engine for hosting your static HTML blog on AWS using nothing more than text files inside of a Dropbox folder.

And, in an eye-opening launch1, we sold over $1000 worth of memberships our last evening of the weekend.

Startup Weekend Provo

I met so many cool people and had such a great time at my first Startup Weekend, I decided I wouldn’t miss another one if it were nearby. So, even though my (for another 72ish hours) unborn son will be only 3 weeks old, my wife has graciously given me permission to head to Provo for the event.

If you’re interested in meeting other awesome people in the Utah technology or startup communities, you can do much worse than Startup Weekend Provo. I’ll be there. A couple of my students will be there. And so will a hundred or more other really stellar people from around the state.

My Personal Invitation

I’m going to pitch my first idea this time around. Everyone that attends gets the opportunity to invite people to their project, and the top 10 or so projects continue working through the weekend. I don’t know if my idea will be one of those 10 that get selected, and if not, I’ll find something else cool to work on.

I’ll be pitching my idea for an education tipline. You know those banners at football games that say ‘Text 55555 for assistance or to report an incident’? That, but for middle and high schools. I live in this world every day, and while it’s not the next billion dollar darling, I am confident that there is a problem worth solving here, and I have all of the connections to local prospects so that we can build the right solution.

If you’re into, or interested in learning about any of the following, I’d love to see you at Startup Weekend:

  1. Backend development (Rails, Django, Node, whatever)
  2. Frontend design (Photoshop, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, etc)
  3. Twilio
  4. Stripe

And even if you aren’t, or you want to work on something else, you should come out to Startup Weekend just for the experience. It’s a great time with great people. And if you’re into tech or startups, I can guarantee an experience you won’t forget2.

Early Bird registration ends today. It’s $49. It goes up to $75 up until the event begins on February 20th. Find out more details or get your ticket at EventBrite.

If you’re going, interested in going, or have any questions before registering, shoot me a message on Twitter. I love hearing from and working with other tech and startup people in Utah.

  1. Build something, launch it to the world, and have over 100 people from New Zealand to Japan give you money for it. This was my first hands-on experience watching this happen in one evening. 

  2. Not affiliated, just a fan.